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Balancing Act- Teaching Artmaking, Marketing and Selling my Art

l'm an artist with an active career in teaching but without my art creation and walks with my dog I would have a harder time with everyday stress. I like to communicate with my audience but sometimes l'm just speechless.It often takes getting absorbed in my art to find my own peace and inner strength. I have a Facebook page where you can view and appreciate my artistry, an Etsy shop: Judydcreates as well. l also sell on fineartofamerica.

Besides my original works of art which are all one of a kind, expressing my unique form of creativity, l've got some excellent products to sell online such as cellphone cases, greeting cards, mugs, t-shirts, towels, tote bags, shower curtains, mats and duvets. Check it out:

photographs for sale
mixed media for sale
canvas art prints for sale
framed art prints for sale
acrylic prints for sale
metal prints for sale


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