Winter Rainbow Poem

Rainbow in the Snow         I remember snow falling around us as we walked up and down the roads, Rainbow curious as ever. Together through any type of weather.  I had your back and you loved to be by my side. The white dusty flakes on your face, as it softly snows. How good it tastes on your tongue and your nose. I could always tell when you’re happy because of your smile in the winter. Even on very cold days when the ice on your paws was freezing and bitter. Cozy at home, you always loved running with  the ball. You found it in your hiding places, chasing it by going under all of the unknown spaces. Since you were young, we took the long trails snow, rain and sun.  Everyday, l treasure our amazing forest time together and l will love  💕  you Rainbow forever. ©️ Judy Dimentberg  written on November 17, 2022

Rainbow 🌈 My Forever Dog

 The dog l held in my arms since a baby, since she was born from my previous dog Misty in 2009, was named Reba Rainbow but l called her Rainbow for short. She is in my heart and will be there forever…I had to say goodbye but l ended up saying goodnight on December 15, 2021 any 5:35 pm. or so.  I never knew if she was suffering but she had a huge tumour inside her that the vets at the hospital said they couldn’t get out in the end after they tried surgery. The hardest thing l had to in my life was let them euthanize my dog because l couldn’t bare to see her suffer any longer. She had stopped eating was getting intravenous along with other sedatives through her veins. Although she was drowsy, she could still hear me talk to her in her last hour and we reminisced about the good times she and l had in her life which was way too short for both of us, even though 12 years is normal for a dog. I do have many regrets, like not having her get an X-ray sooner in life which may have helped in hav

Sad News

My mom passed away very recently. I would like to share with you the eulogy l wrote for her because she is so much a part of me. It has been a hard week even though family and friends have been so supportive. Eulogy My Mom Esther Dimentberg July 6, 1931-Sept. 21, 2018 Let me start by saying that I am very lucky to have had a mom like our family had. She lived a long life which was not always an easy life but she always taught me to persevere through tough times. My mother was a gentle, kind-hearted woman, always putting others before herself. She told me that she’d rather give than receive. Many times, she insisted on  paying the bill or giving gifts to everyone she could think of. Mom cared for the misfortunate, volunteered and became president of the Menorah chapter of the B’nai Brith women. She gave good advice and got good counsel from her friends. My mother Esther loved to play games and entertain guests until recently, when her health issues got in the way. As a child, I

New School Year 2018-2019

This year is starting off nicely. It’s my third year teaching part time Leveled Literacy Intervention in primary. This is a Fountas & Pinnel program for early readers. It’s well structured and helpful in bringing students’ basal reading levels higher. It also helps them with phonemic awareness and writing skills. I am also helping out in French at the high school level. This Friday, we had our yearly welcome BBQ. Parents were invited and bought tickets to have hotdogs and hamburgers that were grilled and served outside. The weather really cooperated. I also took part in an exhibition called PLODA, programme de location d’Ɠuvres d’arts. The vernissage was on the 6th of September. What a delight! Businesses were invited to come and choose works of art to rent, which they can buy later on, at the end of the year. Mine weren’t chosen but l’m very proud that they were selected to be exhibited and that these two works are on display until the end of September. This is a nice beginning

Français - Je veux m’amĂ©liorer!

Je veux Ă©ventuellement prendre un cours en ligne pour me perfectionner car ça peut m’ouvtir plus de portes ici au QuĂ©bec! Click on the title and you will see the result received from a level 2 test on the internet. At least, I’m trying and learning. Facing our mistakes makes us learn and grow as a person.

My Art Sites

Recently, l’ve created my own art website on Weebly which is free as long as you keep their domain name and well you can’t advertise through google with it either. I’ve been trying to sell my artwork over the internet and at kiosks where l live, but have only sold one or two here and there in a year or two or three... l feel like l really need to sell them because well l have no more place to keep them and l want to make more...

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